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Bathroom Design And Remodeling

Here at Atlanta Renovation Center, we are known for providing a large variety of bathroom remodeling services that will fit any level of budget, without compromising the style and the personal preference of each client. Please see the detailed information of our services below:

Our Guaranteed Services For Bathroom Remodeling

  • We guarantee the fastest project completion – complete in as early as 7 days.

  • With our extended knowledge in bathroom fixtures, we can give you the best tips on how to save time and money when cleaning and maintaining your bathroom.

  • We can help you come up with the best bathroom organization strategies to keep your bathroom neat and orderly.

  • We can show you how to maintain your bathrooms squeaky-clean surfaces to prevent mold and bacteria build-up.

  • We can help you maximize the full potential of your bathroom space, by making it roomier and more functional.

Our aim is to give you the kind of bathroom remodeling you truly want, to create you a beautiful work of art that you will be extremely proud of.

bathroom remodeling

Our expert services when it comes to bathroom remodeling:

  • Most functional and up to date plan and design
  • Providing bathroom fixtures (not including appliances)
  • Safe and accurate demolition
  • Plumbing services
  • Electrical services
  • Patching and painting jobs
  • Installation of shower, tub, or Jacuzzi
  • Flooring services
  • Tile working
  • Bathroom countertops
  • Installation of mirrors and bathroom cabinets
bathroom remodeling

Fill out the free estimate form located in the left of our website, and one of our pros will get back to you in no time.  We are anxious to hear from you, we love making people happy with our work and look forward to any new project that comes our way.

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